Must-See Sights in Houston.

Must-See Sights in Houston.

When it comes to big cities like Washington or New York, it can be pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you could possibly do. I mean, this is America, right? Where do you even start? Well, when it comes to the big city of Houston, you’ll start to feel the same. So to help you with that, here are just some of the best sights for you to see in Houston. 

Keep in mind, that Space City has a lot of attractions, so in order to make sure you get your money’s worth, while also saving time and energy, you will need to have a proper guide. So here, are the most sights of H-town. 

Space Center Houston. 

They don’t call it space city for no reason. And the Houston Rockets are also named like that because of the fact that this city has the best and largest space center you will find around the area. More than amazing, the place is absolutely stunning! And if you’re a space junkie, and have always wanted to explore the confines of space, then this is the place for you. Even if you aren’t one, you’ll find that the Space Center here has more than enough to pique your interest in the great beyond. It is a must-see not just while you’re in Houston, but also while you’re in America in general. 

Museum of Natural Science. 

Houston is a city of science. With there being a space center already, there is also, the museum of natural science. Probably one of the most impressive museums you’ll find in the country, you’ll find that it is often jam-packed with people from all over the globe just wanting to learn more about the sciences of the world. With exhibitions and galleries like Ancient Egypt, Texas Wildlife, and many more, you’ll find that you’ll want to learn more about the world’s natural science more and more. 

Cockrell Butterfly Center. 

Also in the museum of natural science, the Cockrell butterfly center is probably one of, if not, the most attractive centers there. Here, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the vast world of entomology. This isn’t really for those who are afraid of bugs, but hey, you might enjoy yourself still while you’re here right? But more than insects, the main attraction here is of course, the butterflies. So if you’re a fan of the big winged insects, then give it a go and see what life is like with them. 


Houston is probably the most interesting city you will visit in Texas or even America. Whilst Washington has its history and politics, and New York has its hustle and attractions, Houston on the other hand, will give you a better look into the science of our world and outside of it. It is the center for all those who want to become future scientists and be inspired by all the science there is to go around. So if you must visit Texas, drop by Houston for a quick science lesson. 

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