The Three Best Things to Do in Switzerland.

The country of Switzerland is known for its unrivaled beauty. With snowy mountains all around, medieval history, and tons of outdoor activities to do, it is the country that should be on everybody’s bucket list. 

But with a huge country to cover, and with so many things to do, it can actually get pretty overwhelming. So to help cope with that, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the best things to do in the Swiss country. Keep in mind, that these are just some of the best, the rest of your trip will still be up to you to discover! 

So without further ado, here are the three best things to do in Switzerland. 

#1 Discover the origins of the Universe. 

Now, that title can be a bit exaggerated but hear me out. Because Switzerland is home to the world’s largest and most powerful accelerator, the Large Caldron Collider. And here’s what you can do there exactly. 

For obvious reasons, when the collider is active, people can’t really visit it. But when you do get the chance to visit it, you can check out the Microcosm, the Globe, and even the “Universe of Particles” exhibition. They’re the best ways to treat that nerdy side of yours that want to learn more about the universe itself! 

This attraction is only available in Switzerland, which is why it is a must when you decide to visit the country. Just make sure that you’ll be visiting it when the exhibition is open to the public. 

#2 Take a hike. 

Another thing that Switzerland is known for, is the Alps, which is also another thing you need to do when you decide to visit this gorgeous country. Because hiking in Switzerland is an experience unlike any other. 

The country is absolutely filled with impressive trails, breathtaking mountain peaks, and various valleys to explore. It’s also pretty easy to navigate, so getting from one mountain to another is a piece of cake, even for beginners! The Alps is a great mountain range to hike and tell your grandchildren stories about. So make sure to check it out when you do have the chance! 

#3 Learn how to make cheese. 

There is no doubt that Switzerland makes some of the best cheese out there in the world. And if you’re looking at how to make some yourself, then why not visit the town of Gruyères

This town is home to the ever so famous, Le Gruyère. And is considered to be the best of the Swiss cheeses. So if you visit the town yourself, you’ll be able to taste the sweet dairy fresh from its stores, or learn how to make some yourself and bring it back home for you to enjoy daily! Either way, the cheese in Switzerland is to die for, so it’d be a shame to leave without trying to learn how to make it. 


Switzerland offers many things to travelers all around the world. From making some of the best cheese anyone has ever tasted, to hiking the breathtaking Alps, and even observing the known universe from the Large Cauldron Collider, this country has it all and so much more! So come on over, enjoy some cheese with your bread, and bask in the natural beauty of Switzerland. …

Here are Three of the Best Things to Do in Scotland.

When you first hear about the country of Scotland, the first things that come into your mind are probably, men wearing kilts, bagpipes, legends like the loch ness monster, and a lot of yelling. And although all of these are somewhat true, they aren’t really things you can experience or do yourself, except for the bagpipes of course. But then, what else can you do in Scotland really? Well, that’s why we’re here. 

We’re here to tell you three of the best things to do in Scotland. So tighten up and get ready to visit the land of legends, starting with! 

Castle Rock, Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle

Considered to be the most famous fortress in all of Scotland, and is also the most popular national monument in the country, Edinburgh Castle is a destination that everyone should visit once they’re in the area. It’s a huge fortress atop an already extinct volcano which makes it detrimental to the city of Edinburgh’s skyline. It’s a lot like a castle in the sky! 

Now, in order to get into the castle itself, you’ll need to go across a drawbridge, which is very medieval, and from then on you’ll see two bronze statues of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, which are heroes that fought off the English during the late 13th centuries. Truly, this is a castle for the ages! 

Inverness: Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

The Loch Ness monster was first ever documented in the waters near the Urquhart Castle. From sketches, paintings, stories, and even factual history, the Loch remains to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Scotland. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see such a legendary beast along the waters, right? And if you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to see it for yourself while you’re in Urquhart Castle. 

Now, talking more about the castle, it’s actually already in ruins as over the ages it hasn’t been preserved well enough and thanks to the countless battles that took place here, it has become the ruins you see today. But that doesn’t really take anything away from the experience, and actually adds more to it if you think about it! 

The Isle of Skye. 

The Isle of Skye is an extremely popular tourist destination for all of those that love to be with nature, play with animals, and enjoy out of this world mountainous scenery that you can only really hear from movies and books. It is an island also known as the “Cloud Island” thanks to the number of heavy mists that blanket the island for most of the time. So it’s definitely the place of legends and fantasy! 

But along with all of that, there are little and quaint villages scattered across the island that offer some remnants of primeval oak forests which also have some wild and rare animals living in them. Truly, if you want to experience Scotland in all its glory, then this is the place to be. 


The country of Scotland is a beautiful place filled with green fields that go as the eyes can see, as well as breathtaking mountains that pierce the skies above. It is a completely magical place that everybody should be able to visit at least once in their life. And to help all those weary travelers who wish to embark on this journey, this list will surely help. …

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