Havasupai Falls

When you think of Arizona normally you would relate it to the Grand Canyon because it is so widely known. Well did you know there is a secret tribal reservation inside of the Grand Canyon? It is called Havasupai Falls.

The Havasupai tribe have lived inside of the canyon for over 800 years. Havasupai stands for the people of blue-green waters and they are very strict about their land.

The Water

They have protected their sacred reservation and kept it alive for many years. The beautiful, vivid waterfall is about 100 feet tall. The small pools it falls into are completely breathtaking and you can swim in them all day.

The water has the blue-green color from a large amount of calcium carbonate that remains in it. The reflection of the sun that comes off the waters will make it seem like you are in swimming in magic.

The Trip

This scene is worth the 10-mile hike it takes to get there. Yes, you read that right, it takes 10-miles and about 4-7 hours of hiking southwest to get to this secret place.

Not to mention it is an overnight backpacking trip as they do not allow any single day voyages. You are required to spend at least 3 nights so the guides aren’t walking back and forth every day.

The guides will meet the group assigned at a designated location. From there they will take you through the bottom of the Grand Canyon walking towards the southwest corner to begin the long voyage.


Due to the popularity of their beautiful land, they had to limit the amount of tourist that wanted to come and see their magical land and waters. They limited the capacity of 350 people per night.

To see the reservation, you have to buy the tickets online. They’re about $100-$125 a night depending on which day you decide to go.

They sell out fast! Tickets are usually purchased almost a year in advance. They also include a questionnaire before you make the purchase. They advise you that if you have never been backpacking before, this is not a good first-time experience. They ask you where have you been backpacking before, what experience you have, and what campsites you have been to previously.

They make sure this isn’t your first rodeo and that you are up for the long challenge it takes to get there.

But don’t sweat it, if you have never been backpacking before than you have about a whole year before you go on your trip to find out the “do’s and don’ts”.

So get out there and go see this secret magical waters! …

4 Must-See Places in Nebraska

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to traverse the stars? To walk among other planets and explore the unknown? To explore space to its fullest and immerse yourself in the cosmos? 

Well, not everyone has to be an astronaut to experience that. Especially if you’re visiting Ashland, Nebraska. Here, you will get the chance to know the wonders of the sea of stars, and how exactly we can get there through our technology. With an area of at least 300,000 square feet, inside you can find almost every type of plane, spacecraft, and exceptional exhibits that are sure to get leave you in awe. 

This museum offers visitors a planetarium that would show astronomical displays and motion rides to truly get that space immersion. 

Chimney Rock Site

There are many strange land formations on our planet, and one of them is the Chimney Rock, a national historic site. It can be found when passing through the Chimney Road, 1.5 miles off of Highway 92. 

The landmark itself can be dated as far back as 25 to 24 million years ago. So people of this land must’ve already been able to witness such an amazing geographical milestone. And on site, there is a  visitor center that would provide information as to why the Chimney Rock Site is as it is. 

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Care for a trip to the zoo? Well, why not head to the best zoo in town? Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is the best because not only is it a zoo that houses amazing wildlife, but the facility itself is more active and comprises of the largest indoor desert, largest nocturnal exhibit, largest indoor jungle, and it has an aquarium. And just by that itself, it’s already a zoo worth visiting. 

But more to it than that, the exhibits for the animals are highly interactive, allowing visitors to feel more in touch with the wildlife. And to top it all off, they have a Lozier 3D IMAX theater that houses various movies for everyone to enjoy and relax in. What more could you ask for in a zoo? 

The Sandhills 

Finally, to fully enjoy your stay in Nebraska, a long drive along the Sandhills is a must for everyone to experience. Because driving through these Sandhills has people saying that it is the most scenic route in all of the US, and that’s definitely making a statement in itself. 
With a total drive of 272 miles, you would be greeted with 300 feet high sand dunes, and some grasslands and a few shallow lakes. Driving past these roads will introduce to some amazing man made sights, one of which is the Carhenge. Truly, what better way to end your trip, than a long drive with an amazing view. …

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